I Bundled and I Liked It

For many, many years I have been averse to coupon bundles/bundle sellers but the price of the Sunday paper at my local stores is just out of my price range these days; especially for as many papers as I need.

$4 for a paper?!?! Sorry, newspaper people but you’ve lost your minds; especially since I remember when papers were $0.75 and Google didn’t exist yet.

So as the story goes, one of my neighbors and fellow couponers introduced me to the paper bundles. My first ever order went unfulfilled without so much as a warning; talk about having one of those “I knew this was too good to be true. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.” moments. I was so hesitant to place an order the following week and the sorter had actually lost a lot of business because of his lack of communication and failure to deliver. But… I placed the order anyways.

Saturday came fast and of course I had a million things to do. Before taking my Father back to the airport, I picked up the bundle of papers I had ordered. No time for delivery for this chick; every single minute had to be planned to be able to get it all done and pick-up was the only option that worked in the time frame I needed it.

I was so excited to get my papers but also a bit nervous. In the back of my mind was the lingering thought that I may be getting screwed and I couldn’t help but feeling that way after the issues from the week prior. The nervousness faded as soon as I got my papers in hand and my excitement went from manageable to me dancing in the car the whole way home singing the coupon version of “I got a dollar, I got a dollar” from one of my favorite movies with a pit bull in a starring role: The Little Rascals.

The truth of the matter is, is that I am not buying the coupons (which put my by-the-book-mind at ease); I’m actually paying for the paper in a bulk quantity and for the coupon, store ads, garden and comic sections to be sorted away from the rest of the paper and for what I don’t want to be recycled or donated.

While I will still continue to buy my papers in bundle quantities, I still hold firm in my cautionary words to those who do buy bundles and that is to make sure that they know just exactly who they are doing business and what exactly they’re paying for.

Well it’s finally time for bed for this Modern Couponer. My delivery will be coming early this morning and those papers don’t just sort themselves. 😉

Goodnight couponers. Sleep tight and don’t let those retail prices bite!

Money Saving Hint: Use the Sunday Comics to add a little cheer to the wrapping of your gifts – just use them like regular wrapping paper. You’ll keep a little bit more money in your pocket and help the environment too – the laughs are just a bonus!

Money Saving Hint #2: Got a shredder? The one that makes the long crinkle cuts? Shred your old ads and coupons and use them as filler in gift bags, baskets, and more! The possibilities are really endless.


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