Haters Gon’ Hate… Couponers Gon’ Save

Playa’s, they gon’ play/ and haters, they gon’ hate/ ballers, they gon’ ball/ and shot callers, they gon’ call/ It ain’t got nothin’ to do/ with me and you/ That’s the way it is/ That’s the way it is ♫♪

Confession: That 3LW hit was my JAM back in the day!! I still actually play it while doing housework. Am I showing my age? Check the video out here.

It never fails… there’s always at least one person in every store that absolutely loathes the sight of a couponer in their presence. Whether it be because they think we take too long, or they think we’re low-class, or they’re actually allergic to saving money there’s always at least one. I’ve heard every single one of these absurd lines as an excuse for hating couponers from a non-couponer/store employee.

There’s two types of coupon haters in this world: the employee at the store we’re couponing at and the non-couponer. Non-couponing patrons seem to think that couponers are the modern day equivalent of a rat or cat in the 14th century or a leper at any point in history. I guess you could consider us lepers or 14th century rats or cats. We do want to infect you… with the coupon bug. But we’re only trying to help you save money; not kill you. 

Store employees who also happen to be coupon haters are the absolute worst kind of hater, in my opinion. These people have all the power in the world to make you or break you right then and there, in front of a plethora of customers if they so choose. Some employees actually get a kick out of embarrassing, degrading, patronizing, and berating their couponing patrons; and every major retailer has one of these goons on their payroll. Employees with bad attitudes can’t be fixed so don’t even try.

Nobody likes a bully!

I’ve never understood the reasoning behind non-couponer/store employee hate but the store employee having an issue is the most ridiculous, ignorant, and damaging of the two in my opinion. The store isn’t loosing any money and employees didn’t pay out of their own pockets to line those shelves, so whats the bitch?!?! It all comes down to ignorance. Somewhere, at some point in time, someone told the store employee that couponers cost them money and gosh darn’it that ain’t gon’ happen on their watch. 

Let the hating games begin! *insert eye roll here*

The truth of the matter is, is that stores actually make more money off of couponers than they would if they didn’t accept those little not-so-gold golden tickets at all. You see, each manufacturer has a retailer redemption policy similar to the following: “XXXXX XXXXX will reimburse the retailer face value plus $.08 s&h per coupon redeemed if submitted in accordance with our Redemption Policy.” Although, some manufacturers will only reimburse the additional shipping and handling to an amount not exceeding the most economical shipping cost.

CRAZY right?!?! 

If that isn’t enough to make your head spin wondering why on earth couponers catch so much flak by retail employees, here’s an even better one for you: the entire retail system is set up in favor of the merchant themselves. From the way the shelves are stocked per brand, to where those items are placed on the shelves in terms of eye-line, to the coupon policy in place, to the sales; all of it is done in favor of the retailers bottom-line.

Stop hatin’ already! At the end of the day, we’re doing you a favor.



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