Couponing in 2017 may not be as lucrative anymore as one may think  – or maybe lead to believe in recent years. Thanks to changes in manufacturer terms and conditions as well as national chain stores drastically altering their coupon policy it’s much harder now than it ever was before to get a really (REALLY, REALLY) good deal on the items you frequently purchase. Gone are the days of being able to walk into your local grocer and walk out with two or more over-flowing buggies for a mere $20 – and I sure do miss the good ol’ days.

The Modern Couponer is my journey at starting over. Where those once upon a time, beautifully beloved, incomprehensibly ridiculous mega savings – and stockpiles that would make even the most extreme hoarder jealous, have now been replaced with not-so-FINE-print and “because my manager said so’s” extreme couponing has taken on a whole new meaning.

Even with these modern changes, couponing can still help you rake in the savings and cut your grocery bill by at least half – every single time. The Modern Couponer shares with you my tips, tricks, lessons learned, time and cost saving advice so that you can make the most out of your couponing adventures.

All My Love,

Brittany a.k.a. The Modern Couponer.